About The Quiet Power

The Quiet Power is a holistic training system that trains not just your body but your mind. Whilst getting in shape is the primary goal, I wish to provide you with the tools to enhance your life in other areas as well. A strong body is great, but a strong mind and body is unstoppable!

My training system consists of:

  1. Strength training exercises-

  2. Yoga

  3. Nutrition

  4. Meditation 

Each of these can be trained separately or as a whole, it is up to the individual to pick and choose according to your individual needs and desires. I believe that making progress requires flexibility but also the willingness to try new things!

About Marcus

In school I had zero athletic ability. My diet consisted of crisps and cigarettes. All this changed when I joined the army and found I had to be in shape to perform at my job. I soon fell in love with physical training and exercise. I started to research how to get stronger, faster, leaner and meaner. I attended many courses and travelled to get the best resources for my own goals.

Upon leaving the army I qualified as a personal trainer and continued my education. I worked in the  private security sector abroad before deciding to commit to training others full time. During this time I managed to travel to many exotic locations like India, Thailand and the Philippines to further my knowledge even further. 

Now I bring this information back home and hope it will be of use to you! If you have any questions feel free to ask I am always happy to  oblige!