Joohyun Kim is the founder of House of Strength (H.O.S.) , Soma and Body and is coach to the Korea Zukeneh sports team. I had been aware of Kim and his work for a while before we finally both met in India while he was travelling around the globe learning about ancient strength traditions. The best part about this whole thing is being able to meet other people from around the globe to share ideas and experiences with. Each of us has our own perspective and ideas and being able to share those ideas is fantastic. Training cuts across cultural barriers like nothing else! 

During our cultural exchange we visited several Akhara  and trained alongside the local Kushti wrestlers and Pahlavans. It was good to bounce around ideas and techniques.

Kim has competed in Iran, the home of Zukeneh sports and placed 4th on doing so. He and his team are constantly refining their technique and incorporate many training tools to compliment their Zurkeneh training such as heavy slam balls and kettlebells as well as wrestling and jujitsu. It is the ability to combine these training methods together into a unique training style through trial and error to find what works best. This is something that Kim and his team have demonstrated so well and they have the results to prove it.

The House of Strength is Kim's training group in korea. For more information go to:

Soma and Body contains resources and information on Kims training system.