Paul is one of the main reasons why I began to train more intently and travel to India to learn the techniques first hand. Pauls videos really inspired me  to pull my finger from out of my arse and take the plunge! 

Since then Paul has been a great mentor and role model, not just with his technical skills and attention to detail but as a role model with regards to how you conduct yourself and present your knowledge. A true gentleman he is a great teacher and has a true depth of knowledge especially with Indian clubs. I am especially impressed as many of the techniques he has steered come from old black and white pictures!

As such I am especially proud to present his techniques and teachings here.

I really like this video as it demonstrates many different styles.

Paul is unique in that he combines the trainings of multiple systems, from Persian Meels, Indian Jori and Gada to British style Indian clubs meaning he has not pigeon holed himself into one style and can implement any.

If you haven't already check out his site