The Dumbbell Swing or cast is another example of the unique nature of Indian exercise with its circular motions. The Dumbbell Swing is often seen at competitions and is a great exercise for your grip and shoulder strength.

  • Take the dumbbells from the floor to your shoulder. 
  • Palms facing outwards let the weight descend and carry through with the momentum.
  • Pull and catch the weight as you rotate the wrist.
  • Once the weight comes to the shoulder, send the opposite weight off. 
  • Finding a good rhythm will make the exercise easier.


The Kushti curl is the dumbbell curl used in the Akhara. Resembling an alternating hammer curl with a swinging motion, it is a popular exercise with wrestlers and competition swingers alike.

  • This exercise is simple to perform. Imagine you are performing a hammer curl but add some swing to it!
  • With a heavier weight you can dip and drive with the legs, imagine your body is like a piston when doing so.
  • The weight should not be overly heavy as you will want to be able to do high repetitions.
  • I like to train these ones for time, set a timer and perform alternating Kushti curls for 1 minute sets.