Wrestlers use parallel bars much like their counterparts in the west, with a combination of dips and leg raises. However a special exercise , unique to the Akhara, is a ballistic swinging dip that for sake of simplicity I will name the Kushti Dip. It appears as a combination of a dip and a leg raise and has it's roots from the single horizontal pole exercise, similar to the Malakamb or wrestlers pillar.

The exercise is begun by by jumping up onto the bars arms straight and going straight into a swinging leg raise. The legs are then swung from the front to the back forcefully to allow the body to become horizontal to the earth. The body is held at this angle momentarily before the body yields towards the bars similar to a push up position. This is done with control but minimal tension as to allow the body to naturally descend using gravity. The legs then swing through again and the process is repeated. During the back swing a triceps dip of sorts is performed. 

This is a fantastic exercise that will build cardiovascular and full body strength. It is an important movement for wrestlers as it teaches them how to absorb and re-translate energy through many planes of motion. It is particularly effective at strengthening the shoulders for the rigors of a wrestling bout.