Chana is a form of dried chickpea common throughout Indian cuisine and is regarded by wrestlers and Pahlawani as a super food. It is cheap and thus even the poorest trainee can supplement his diet with a handful a day. Whilst almonds, milk and ghi are considered the base for strength and bulk, chana comes up in any conversation with regards to diet.

Chana is prepared the night before and consumed the following morning. They are soaked overnight in a cloth and may be combined with spices and herbs. A Small amount of almonds can be added to this, around ten, as well as currants, again a small amount.

In the morning the liquid from this mixture is drunk upon waking to cleanse the body and help with elimination as well as produce energy before the days training. The chana mixture can then be eaten before or after the morning session as a snack.

Nutritionally, Chana contains iron, folate, protein, phosphorus and dietary fiber. It is low in fat and thought to help in lowering blood cholesterol.