Milk is a common drink in the Akhara. it is Sattva in nature thus cooling and helps to maintain a calm disposition which is required during hard training. Raw or processed milk is drunk and it can be taken in many ways. A popular method is to make a "Lassi" , a milk and yoghurt milkshake often mixed with fruit and nuts. It is a high calorie Sattva drink which helps replenish and rejuvenate the body.

Milk is also mixed with Ghi and almond paste to make the wrestlers unique drink.

In India cows are considered sacred (as is all animal life) for they give more than they receive. They are symbolically linked with strength and Ghi. They are highly valued for their dairy produce and manure which helps in growing crops. Cows have recurring theme in Hindu mythology, with the God Shiva attended by the humped bull Nandi. In most temples there will be at least one shrine dedicated to these bovine creatures. A large proportion of Hindus are vegetarian and slaughter of cows is a taboo subject.

 A cow stands on a Ghat by the river Ganga.

A cow stands on a Ghat by the river Ganga.

Milk has been used universally by strongmen the world over. It has calcium, potassium, vitamins and minerals. It is also high in protein and fat which aids the wrestlers gain strength and bulk.