Paul over at is highly regarded the world over as a subject matter expert when it comes to all things involving clubs and mace. At 63  years young he has traveled to exotic and in some cases dangerous locations around the globe to further his knowledge so he can bring it to an unknowing public using a brilliant format and no-nonsense talk. From actual demonstrations from countries such as India and Iran ,to teaching groups in countries such as Poland and the U.K. Paul is highly dedicated and a true pioneer in his field. His information is flawless and his respect for the traditions and what it means to the societies they come from make him an excellent ambassador and instructor.

Mike Mahler was one of the very first guys I discovered in the kettlebell world. At the time everyone was using a single kettlebell whereas Mike was using two. Thus I came to the conclusion this was one seriously strong guy!Over the following years I went from one guru to another trying differing training concepts but often times found myself using Mikes programmes. I would study his philosophy, not just on strength but on life. His "Aggressive Strength" philosophy is the way he lives his life. Not by being a thug but by being true to who he is and what he stands for and taking absolutely no bullshit! Mike has been an example for me to follow, whenever I felt that I was in a tiresome situation I would read an article or listen to his podcast with Sincere Hogan and be fired up to take action and crush it! As a trainer he is renowned for his humor, down to earth approach and conviction of character. He is also a very, very strong guy and he achieves this on a Vegan diet proving the naysayers wrong that you can't be powerful and eat that way. He has a line of great supplements ( I LOVE the Aggressive Strength Testosterone booster ), great DVD'S ,links to other sources and inspirational stories to get you excited for life and training. Also check out his podcast  I spent two years in Afghanistan listening. It, Mike and sincere are a MAJOR contributing factor to the existence of this website.         LIVE LIFE AGGRESSIVELY!

I first became aware of Sincere Hogan as "the guy with dreadlocks" on some of Mike's collaboration DVD'S where several great instructors like Steve Maxwell and Steve Cotter would instruct a course over two days. Sincere stood out from the crowd and was always encouraging others in the group and certainly had a presence. I then found his website by random and was like " ah yeah that guy video bombing Mike's videos! ". I then heard the Live Life Aggressively  podcast with both Mike and Sincere. For a long time I thought he was highly annoying often thinking "just shut up and let Mike speak!" . It was only when I met him I realised he was a truly superb instructor, incredibly empathic and had a teaching style that is so enjoyable you hardly realise how much pain you are going through in his sessions. His openness was really refreshing and he brought one very important factor to the fore. HAVE FUN! It seems almost too simple but you must enjoy what you are doing instead of grinding yourself down because you think that is what you need to do. He has a great DVD out on bodyweight training and a book "The Wellness Code". Also if you dig coffee he sells Costa Rican Chorreador stands! You can't ask for more! And yes, Sincere is his real name!

The International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation is run by Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn, two excellent martial artists,kettlebell sport competitors and in my opinion the best kettlebell instructors period. They both use a sensible approach to training, progression and recovery. They are not swayed by fads or gimmicks but by what works and while they may be known as "kettlebell guys" have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in other training systems. This has allowed them to formulate training specifically to the individual and their needs. They apply real world science alongside ancient tradition such as Qi Gong to make a highly comprehensive and deep system  of physical culture. If you enjoy kettlebell sport they are your go to men as they pride themselves on constantly updating their information,willing to experiment and find out for themselves what works. In a fitness industry gone mad the I.K.F.F. is a beacon of sanity. I have personally taken the I.K.F.F. certification many years back(and am still included as an instructor if you looking the middle east contacts section of their site. I do not like certifications at all but if you do any, do theirs as you will walk away feeling like you have gained an immense amount of knowledge, their attention to detail is astounding. They are also really great, down to earth guys and kind of like a comedy duo if both are instructing!

I first met Pawel at  a C.S.T. (circular strength training) certification many years ago when I was still in the army (thinking of it ,that was a long time ago! ). We quickly paired up and over the two days culminating in being side by side for the "Trial By Fire" test. Pawel showed immense enthusiasm and a ability to pick new skills up quickly, his extensive background in martial arts giving him movement skills of a ninja. Since then he has grown from strength to strength surpassing his teachers and starting his own fitness buissness. His focus is on perfect movement patterns as well as using all kinds of fitness tools. His creativity is boundless and I like to imagine him as some kind of alchemist sifting through the debris of fitness to find the bits of gold. He is constantly pumping out new material and testing himself. His facility is amazing and has the best decor of any gym I have ever seen (swords and shields on the walls, oh yeah!). Above all he is attentive to the needs of his clients and if you need innovation, he's your guy!