Jori, meaning pair is a set of two clubs that can be of varying size and weight used by wrestlers and Pahalawan to strengthen the arms, back and grip. However with an increase in weight it becomes a total body exercise as the body will shift from side to side to maintain balance and equilibrium. Jori are a common sight in the Akhara and as their name suggests, always used in pairs.

The jori are taken from the ground to a parallel position in front of the body and may be rested on the shoulders prior to commencement of the movement. They are then swung alternately in a pendular fashion behind the head and torso before being flipped or pulled back over the shoulder. Timing is important as the initiation of one swing must facilitate the start of another as the body rotates for optimal position to catch and send the Jori. A calm disposition must be maintained, exertion should not be expressed through the face and breathing is through the nose, the mouth kept shut to keep internal power from leaking out.

The Jori weight can vary from 5 to 45 kilograms with typical training weights between 10 and 20 kilograms for wrestlers.

Competitive jori swingers, Pahalawan place a premium on weight and in competitions the winner is the one who achieves the most swings with the heaviest weight. 

A repetition or "hath" (hand) is a swing of both left and right Jori. So one swing left and one swing right is "1" hand.

Jori Swings are one of the three competition lifts, the others being Gada swings and Dumbbell Swings.