Ghi (sometimes referred to as ghee) is a form of clarified butter and is known throughout  Ayrurveda for having great health benefits. Upon consumption of plants,   cows process the nutrients to produce milk. The milk is then churned to form butter.  This butter is then heated removing the fat solids to create ghi.

Ghi is a very Sattva (cooling) food and is used by wrestlers and Pahlawan for strength and health. They eat copious amounts and lather it on food or drink it on it's own or in a mixture with almond paste and milk.

There are in fact two types of Ghi. The traditional method involves boiling raw milk and then adding curd before leaving it to set. After 12 hours it is churned in a traditional way. It is very different to Ghi made from butter, it is white in colour as opposed to golden. The taste is certainly superior. It is also used during cremations, being poured upon the corpse of the deceased before being set alight.

 Ghi vendor in the Varanasi streets.

Ghi vendor in the Varanasi streets.

In addition to the basic Ghi's, special versions can also be made in accordance to Ayurvedic medicine. Herbs and spices are added to the mixture in a specific manner. This is time consuming and thus special Ghi's are highly treasured.

Ghi is high in saturated fat which is a precursor to testosterone. It is also a good source of vitamin A and K.