The Gar Nal, or stone wheel, is another system of progressive weight training similar to the Nal. The main difference is that the Nal has a handle where the Gar Nal does not being hollow in the center and resembling a car tyre. The word "Nal" meaning neck also infers that the weight be used by placing it over the head to rest on the shoulders. 

The Gar Nal is principally used for performing weighted Dands and as a centuries old exercise goes to show the ingenuity of previous generations to find a method of gaining leg strength and power. They are also used for a clean and press style of movement, holding onto the outer rim with both hands or carried around the neck whilst the wrestler walks or jogs around the Akhara. The Gar Nal used as such will help increase leg strength and power as well as condition the back and especially the neck to being loaded.

The Gar Nal will test your will power and neck strength as it is extremely uncomfortable and does not sit well on the shoulders which is a testament of the mental toughness exhibited by those who use it as a regular training method and which is probably why they are rarely used. A popular story about Gama the great is that he used a Gar Nal of such immense size for his Dands he had to perform perform then surrounded by a trench to complete the full range of motion. He would also take a mile run with  a Gar Nal around to hos to further increase his stamina.