dumbbell EXERCISES

The dumbbell circular swing starts with the dumbbells in a clean position with the heads resting behind the shoulder. The movement is initiated with one dumbbell being projected across the body to the opposite side where it forms a pendulum on the downward portion of the movement. It is then recovered to the clean position and the opposite arm fires the opposite dumbbell across to the opposite side. The movement is repeated for repetitions and works the grip upper back and full body.

Other movements are alternating hammer curl using body momentum and a hanging rotation at the wrists. The hammer curls work the grip and arms from a different angle and may include using a knee dip in between repetitions. The hanging wrist rotation acts as a dynamic stretch for the lats, arms and wrists.

Weights can start from as little as 2  kilos all the way up to 55 kilos. Competition weights are typically 35 kilos and the winner is the contestant who can produce the most "hath" (hands or repetitions). One hath being a swing and clean per arm.

Breathing is with a placid face showing no emotion or stress and is through the nose deep into the diaphragm with the mouth kept closed to help keep  internal power from leaking out.

Dumbbell swinging is one of the 3 main competitive lifts, along with Jori and Gada.