Hanuman power is my attempt to update and make readily available the exercise techniques of the Kushti wrestlers of India. Originally intended as a compilation of my own notes I decided to collect all of my various scrwalings into one (sort of) concise package. The result is this book!

Hanuman Power gives the history andbackground on exercises used for strength, power and conditioning in the art of Kushti Wrestling.  Exercises such as Hindu pushups (Dands) and squats (Bethak) are described in detail. Alongside these are unique exercise implements in the form of the Jori (Heavy Paired clubs), Gada (mace), Sumtola (Indian barbell), Nal (stone dumbell) and more also descirbed in a detailed manner so you can understand how and why they are used as well as how to acquire or make these items.

As well as exercises are chapters covering warm ups, flexibility training, nutrition, mindset, programme design (with sample programmes included) as well as a chapter covering the wrestlers special weapon- celibacy.

This book is a labour of love and something I wish I had when I embarked on my journey into Indian physical culture. Now you can have all the information you need to begin down this amazing system. Get your copy today!