The 10-2 Master Class is designed to show you the techniques required to perform the Rolls Royce of  Gada (mace) exercise. The Devil is in the details and this series seeks to address common faults and issues so you can progress in your training injury free. 



  • The 10-2 is THE exercise you need to work up to if you serious about Gada training.

  • There are 2 methods to get into position, THE FRONT START POSITION and THE LAUNCH.

  • THE FRONT START POSITION  should be used in the beginning to get familiar with the movement. Remember to send the weight to the shoulder reverse to the hand position e.g.  right hand stacked on left, move to left shoulder.
  • The LAUNCH  should be you end goal. It is the sign of dedication in your training and separates the amateurs from the dedicated.




  • Use the REAR PENDULUM to gain the confidence and feel for the 10-2.
  • Keep the elbows tight the head and pulled back as far as comfortable.
  • Ensure your hands are behind the base of your skull or neck during the movement.
  • Remember to sway from the waist, use your body as a counter weight.
  • As you get the feel for it increase the height. Before long you will be able to pop it up and over the shoulder to the STARTING POSITION.



THE 360

  • To build up to the 10-2 practice the 360.
  • Beginning the Front Start position so you have more control initially.
  • If your right hand is on top of the left, move to the left direction and vice versa.
  • To make the exercise easier and less daunting, move your hands up towards the weight to shorten the lever.
  • Ensure you practice an equal number of repetitions with both grips.


THE 10-2

  • Start from the 360 front position. Transition both left to right returning to this position to get the fell of the Gada moving left and right.
  • When moving into the 10-2 ensure you pull up and over the shoulder down towards the navel at a diagonal angle.
  • When the pole comes over the shoulder it may gently touch the clavicle area, not rest on it.
  • The head of the Gada should be just above shoulder level when your arms are in the front position.
  • As you transition from left to right, imagine a pane of glass in front and behind you to keep from projecting the weight too far behind you.
  • Use a alternating tight-relaxed-tight grip as you transition from front to back.
  • You should either look at the weight or down at the floor during the movement.
  • Use your whole body for the movement, not just your arms!



  • Use of a forced exhalation should only be used if using a challenging weight or if new to swinging the Gada
  • Using a forced exhalation at any other time is a sign of lack of control or overtaxing the body.
  • Closed mouth breathing keeps the bodies energy (prana) self contained and operating much like a electrical circuit. Opening the mouth breaks this circuit.
  • Breath retention can be used to extend the length or a given breath to train carbon monoxide tolerance.
  • Only try these breathing techniques if you have been cleared by a doctor.